5 Things: An Inventory of Organza Sashes and Fish Bowls Doesn’t Make a Decorater….

March 25, 2015

Decorators have a lot of nerve I’ll tell you that. What most decorators essentially do is take your budget, look at their inventory and decide what you should get. Good decorators (provided your expectations are reasonable) is take your ideas and produce a creative theme, translating your dream into a visual reality. So that when you look out at the guests on your big day and see your surroundings, you can say that it was better than you ever could have dreamed. That the artist took your tastes and added details that you would love but never thought of. Embellishments that tranform your space, accentuating its best features and hiding it’s flaw’s. Making sure that every element of your space looks as if it was perfectly engineered to make your colours and style look like your venue’s exact match.  Ok, its a little poetic but y’all get my dirft. This post is for all my decoraters. But wait! Grab a pen and paper, because you may have come over for a laugh, but I could be talking about you. In fact, brides and grooms take note. You are born with good taste but decent taste can be taught.

Decorators: here a five suggestions that will ensure you will stay alive after a decorating for a perfectionist. Couple’s here are 5 things that will save your venue from looking like an assorted mix from the Ikea bargain bucket. If you see any of these characteristics in a portfolio, run and never look back.


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1.  Swap traditional chair decor for Chivari chairs. Decor seating choices can make or break a space. Those traditional white chair covers in white with half dead bows…..hmm. Organza sashes may be cute for some, but unless it’s your ONLY option? Kill it ninja style. What they do in pictures is dumb down all your decor with patches of white and I promise you when people walk in to your venue, it is likely to be the first thing they see. Not the hours you spent picking charger plates and tableware. Or white chair covers just illuminate the fact that there is just nothing else in the room ha! Chivari chairs MAKE even the simplest and ratchet venues look like misplaced geography. I’ve seen it in action.

2. Can we kill it with the fishbowls? Like seriously! They work for smaller tables, but when you are dressing a table that comfortable sits 10, why does your decoration only accomodate two goldfish? Congratulation on decorating 5% of the table. Where’s the rest of it. The 95%?

3. Those two colour wedding themes. I cannot deal with this level of laziness. Those white and pink, white and red, white and blue colour situations. It’s called a theme for a reason. Picking one colour and teaming it with white isn’t working, that’s just glorified dominoes. The couple like bright colours and prefer orange, great. Team that with some awesome yellows and greens. If they are super simple and don’t want any extra colours, mix it up with textures so it doesn’t look like a children’s party. If you play your cards right, you might actually have a decent portfolio.

4. Bling it? Wring it! I’m not a bling kind of girl. I like fields and grass. Rustic gold and patterns.However, I do appreciate it done right and a childhood of dancing at events with scattered lack lustre yellowish crystals and tacky looking lighting ruined it quicktime. If your going to do an all out flashy affair grab a decorater who can pick glassware and sparkles that actually match. Just so it’s not 70’s neon in one corner and Elsa’s blue Frozen in the other.

5. Decorators, stop creating the same thing! It’s not everyday red and green. Sometimes it’s not Christmas and you need to look at the rest of the rainbow. Every couple deserves a day that is unique to them. When you are happy collect money, be as happy to create beautiful memories. Emphasis on beautiful. Their love is free and is envitably going to make them wonderful memories. But we know that love is not your currency.Create value for money.

Your welcome as always…

x Chi x

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