5 Things Tuesday|5 Don’ts For An Elegant Bride…

August 5, 2014


Elegant:  Pleasingly graceful/Stylish in appearance and manner/ Describing a person dressing tastefully.

heather lindsey wedding dayA most elegant bride ! Heather Lindsey getting dressed on her wedding day! She champions Biblical Femininity and Purity through her global movement ‘Pinky Promise’.

  1. Do not have too much flesh on show. I say this one first because it is the most noticeable. Yes it’s your big day and you want to express your personality. But the minute you put on a white dress you subscribe to all that it represents. Have you ever asked why it is white. Simple answer: purity and grace. There is a reason all eyes on the Bride. Her role is one of honour.  Having your everything on show before the night makes his role on the night far from exclusive…..#justsaying. 
  2. Do not forget to prep your body. Girls will spend £1000 on the dress, £300 on the hair and forget to moisturise their elbows. Oh dear.
  3. Do not overdose on the extra’s. This is not the nail olympics, why are your nails longer than your fringe? Almost poking holes in the lace. If I had a pound for every bride who told me she regretted her then ‘on trend’ ghetto style choices….I’d have enough for that Chanel 2.55 bag WITH the gold hardware(sigh).
  4. Don’t loose your head. Do not get drunk and think that the dance floor is the perfect place to serenade your husband for the first time. Grandma wants to think of you as her maturing little girl, not her nightmare ‘drunk in love’ prodigal daughter.Save it for later sweetie. Drop that glass. You should be able to remember the day, not slur through it.
  5. Bridezilla makes a great tv show. But no one wants to be  friends with one. If you want to still have friends after your big day, remember that 99.9% of your vents are likely to be avoidable.  Avoid anger an remember. A screaming bride is accompanied by an increasingly worried husband with unsure cold feet.

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