5 Things Tuesday: 5 things your date will never tell you.

June 11, 2013

Yes it’s super duper late in England right now, but it had to be done!!! For my regular followers you must be thinking, WHERE IN THE WORLD HAVE YOU BEEN!!?? Yes I am indeed alive, but have been away from the blog :-(. It can be difficult juggling so many commitments. However, If you follow me on instagram there has been a photo here and there.

There is a reason I could not wait to post until tommorow. I am starting a new segment on the blog. Give a nice warm welcome to ‘5 Things Tuesday’. I will share 5 random things and well, that’s pretty much it ha! Could be serious, could be kind of funny or just plain random.

I am dedicating this post to a wonderful lady who sent me the most wonderful message. JEAN ALABA? You there? Yes, you! Wonderful readers like you are the reason I do what I do :-). I hope this makes you feel half as special you made me.

5 things your date will never tell you


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1.The outfit she said she just threw together, it took her two weeks to find shoes that shade of green.

2.  She had to remind herself by post it note to shave her legs, but only bottom half. There was no time to shave unseen areas.

3.She’s already picked out a wedding theme. Reminded herself that she shouldn’t do it so early but picked out children’s names instead.

4.Climbing Everest is hard. But not harder than avoiding the big delicious but messy meal she really wants to eat. The chicken salad is killing her, and by the way…where’s the rest of it?

5.Her heels are killing her, and you being a gentleman and dropping her home is great and all. Any chance you won’t see if she changes into her flats? No….ok…dying one step at a time….

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