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June 17, 2015

If you are viewing this website via browser and are a regular subscriber.  You will notice that my blog looks distinctly different! The old look was a temporary one that dragged on for waayyy too long. It did not have the look or functionality that suited my needs. To be frank, I wasn’t in love with it! But I do love this new feel. It’s a little vintage, light in hue and easy to navigate. It is a fabulous, well I think so anyway ;-)

Let me know what you think in the comment section. The posts are going to become a lot more frequent with new topics. Venue ideas, decor inspiration and more real weddings.But for now, onto crystals, sparkles and  bridal art deco wedding jewellery. I have some news to share but you shall have to wait…..

petals and stones bridal headpiece vintage bridal art deco


I stumbled across Petals & Stone completely by accident and would be lying if I said I remembered how. But I’m glad I did. Often wedding costume jewellry is tailored toward the illusion of real ‘bling’ with a wow factor and diamond-esque vibe. It can be a little more diffilcult to find costume jewellry that channels vintage tastes from the 20’s and the 30’s. With it’s unusual geometric shapes and duller metal finishes.

Every now and then I perk up when I see a bride featured somewhere in antique jewellry and am hopeful in anticipation of an affordable and attainable affair. Then the paragraph starts with, ‘This diamond headpiece was fashioned from a diamond brooch handed down to me from my great grandmother’. It’s at that point you just want to smack her lucky heritaged self.

petals and stones art deco bridal hair accesories

petals and stones art deco wedding accessories

I suppose that we have allowed weddings to form around a preferred template as opposed to our choice of memory creation. Brides can often spend the majority of their planning period working against comparisons. We read about ladies and their heirlooms. Or maybe it is their bigger budget. Society has has created an elitist form of occasion. Half of us will try to catch up. 35% will create a half decent copy of some Youtube or Instagram star’s wedding of freebies. Only 15% of us will dare to create our own big day and not apologise for it. Someone will ask you how your big day was and many will say it was beautifully modest or ‘sweet’ to avoid being embarassed if it doesn’t live up to another’s hype. Some of you may play down how excited you are because you cannot afford the vendors who only reveal prices after the 20th email. Some of you may say you wanted something ‘simple’ if the ring doesn’t meet a hater acquaintances expectations.  

petals and stones art deco hair pins

petals and stones gold bridal bracelet

petals and stones wedding jewellry gold bridal earrings

I dare you to be proud of your love. I dare you to choose and not have a care about what anyone else things. I dare you to decide what a bridal party looks like. 10 people, 1 maid of honour or four. I dare you to allow you wedding to be defined by you. Speech over. Moral of the story is nice earrings. 

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