Beating the Blues…

August 18, 2012

This post is a little unusual….stay with me! The thing about being human is that at some point in time, our superwoman/man state of mind slips a wee bit. Recently, I’d been in the ‘blues’. Strangely, when I’m not myself I can still do all the things I normally do, laugh, smile, joke and dance. I am private by nature so very VERY few people can tell how I really am. I find it incredible how we can put off dealing with issues of the heart! I found myself feeling sad about all the ‘what-ifs’.I thought I’d share because maybe(just maybe) I might help someone reading this. Now I’m not a qualified clever-cloggs, but sharing is caring.

Disclaimer: This may start off spiritual…but I’m not me without God…and of course cake and a few shopping bags!

1. Spending time with God….a.k.a. praying. But not always on my knees like the stereotype, that hurts and gives you questionable looking knees!

2. Meditating on good things I already have. Loving my now…not hating the now and just enduring till the future gets here.

3. Eating Oreo Cookies and Cream ice-cream late at night.

4. Having friends a.k.a. people that know when your faltering and pick you up even when your miles away. And then do everything to be right next to you when you really need them.

5. Having a good cry….it’s necessary sometimes….grab a tissue!

I think this post deserves to end with a smiley face :-)

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