Faking the Polished Look…

July 13, 2012

Image of Alessandra Codinha via The Satorialist

Looking good has a couple of key ingredients. Confidence, elegance, style and attention to detail, all turn up in the batter. Everyone is good looking to someone, it’s the finishing touches that take work!

Over the years, I’ve recieved a few consistent compliments that have made me smile. Not because I believe I deserve them, but because people don’t always realise the effort involved. Over the years these practices have become so much a part of my routine that I forget that I do them. Welcome to my Pandora’s Box….I will present to you my secrets(robot voice)…

Compliment 1: ‘You skin has such a healthy glow’

The Real Reason Why: I moisturise with a mix of 70% Aveeno Body Lotion and 30%Bio Oil. I discovered this out of sheer laziness years ago when I couldn’t be bothered to apply both seperately. It also means I’m moisturising,adding non-greasy sheen and removing scars at the same time. I bruise like a peach.

Compliment 2: ‘You have great lips’

The Real Reason Why: I look after my lips….most people forget. When I wash my face I wash my lips, I apply Carmex before I sleep. Dead skin on the lips does not make for kissable lips… there’s nothing less attractive!

Compliment 3: ‘You have nice eyes’

The Real Reason Why: I have the world’s shortest eyelashes….so I always look like I’m wearing eyeliner. When I wear make-up I try to accentuate my features…not create new Barbie-esque ones.

Compliment 4: ‘You have great feet’

The Real Reason Why: I’m obsessed with my feet…favourite part of my body(seriously). I stand up during my day job which creates hard skin, exfoliating with pumice stone is a habit.

Compliment 5: ‘Your clothes sit really well’

The Reason Reason Why: I try to co-ordinate my clothes carefully and wear great underwear. If your underwear isn’t hot…then no matter how hard you try the oomph is missing. I like to feel good before I even put my clothing on…it’s a great place to start!

Even if you ignore the above, it all boils down to this….

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