August 29, 2012

I had one of those months that was so busy I’m going to have to split this post into two! This past week has been so tiring and trying on my patience that looking back on these pictures made me smile. The above picture is from the inside of a beautiful vintage car….on the way to be my friends maid of honour. One of my life’s proudest moments so far…I still get the tingles :-)

Confetti cones I designed for a friends musically themed wedding using hymns I knew would be sung!

Instead of the typical sugared almonds, they had sugar coated chocolates…like mini eggs, but so much hotter!

Great lighting in Nando’s.

A sneak peek at some of my birthday presents and cards….including the bookshelf!

Visiting Plymouth.

Esssie Nail polishes at Boots…all the pinks, oranges and reds. I became the cookie monster, but with nail polishes and a slightly better composed face.

I finally managed to pick one, ‘not just a pretty face’.

Lemon and poppy seed muffins, are just the greatest….really.

 Beautiful greeting cards I spotted in Paperchase.

Picking up some cool postcards in Paperchase…might frame them?

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