July 3, 2012

Hi lovelies! I’ve had a pretty busy couple of days….me is tired! Not too many things this time as I haven’t always had a camera, please forgive me (sad face). Nevertheless, I thought I’d let you all know what I’ve been up to, because I like you, and I think you are cool…

I’ve been urming and ahhing about this perfume for nearly 2 YEARS! After receiving a voucher,I finally decided to take the plunge. Now you might be wondering why it took so long for me to buy a perfume. This perfume is actually the first perfume I have EVER bought for myself. I’ve never been a perfume person. But lately I’ve been feeling like a scent could add a little bit of elegance….who wouldn’t want that?

Out at lunch with a friend. This pasta was super yummy!

Whilst on a walk, I saw this hanging flower basket in a not so nice area . It made me smile….God always creates beauty in the madness. Hope.

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