Glimpse| Instagram Round Up

March 13, 2014

Instagram Pictures:Roundup1


Hello wonderful people. I hope you are all well!.If you are a seasoned reader, you may remember the glimpse posts. A great way to know what I’m up to! Sharing my instagram pictures is new as off……!

From left to right. 1. Spring is officially here. Cherry blossom trees are out! 2. Loving this Van Gogh remix by Christian Louboutin. 3. I figured it was time to use the exercise plimsoles. 4.  A good natter with a great friend and awesome Cafe Rouge French Toast. 5, So happy for Lupita Nyong’O. There is a lot of hating going on at the moment, but I’ll do a post on that later. 6. I have the best friends who know me so well. Box full of Sanctuary goodies. Thanks Anna :-). 7. Tiffany & Co on Jessica Biel at the Oscars. 8. The Unicorns weren’t happy about being left off the Ark. 9. Love my latest Glamour magazine. 10.  Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Spring 2014. 11. McDonald’s Mcflurry and Apple Pie midnight snacking. 12. Unnecessary sun induced selfie. 13. Berta Bridal Love. 14. There’s always time for Nando’s.

I feel like I’m just getting the hang on instagram. Am I the only one totally preferring it to Facebook these days?

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