Instagram Round Up #2

September 18, 2014

Instagram photo Round up #2

A collation of recent postings on my personal and blog Instagram accounts!  

1. Me and my sisters/best friends forever 2. Admit it…future brides your guilty! 3. Bride mixing Indian and Edo tradtional dress for her cultural wedding. Respect. 4. Me feeling excited after Church. 5. Afternoon chats, cake and tea.  6. Diamond Guy Hawaii Sapphire ring = Swoon. 7. Stargazer Lilly bouquet 8. A tired me on the way to work in serious need to eyebrow fixing. 9. A groom awaiting his bride. 10. Rules to scare away any wasteman. 11. Draping by Zapphaire Event co-ordination. 12. Say no more! 13. Bea’s Boutique in Covent Garden, hands down best Afternoon tea I have ever had! 14. Know  your worth darling, starburst style. 15. When you come home and your sister has made dinner. 16. The future Mrs Atilary Photography at her court wedding looking like a million bucks! 17. Flawless 18. Red and Gold Gele and Custom fan update red for sure! Her eyes though! 19. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Ovia. 20. Monica Vinader bracelets, why don’t I have one yet?



xo Chioma ox


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