Musing| Before you get excited about that Kim Kardashian wedding dress…

June 4, 2014

I like to think I keep it real. I also like to think I can get away with saying statements like that….

Because I’m that cool? Cringe.

Givenchy will forever be know as the couture house that made THE Kim Kardashian wedding dress. It was well, stunning. You don’t need to be her biggest fan to admit that. I personally don’t watch the program. I’m not on that hype,  though I wouldn’t mind a spree in their wardrobes. However, whilst mentally congratulating the genius that is Richard Tisci at Givenchy who designed the dress. I couldn’t help but wonder. Why was the dress  SO familiar to me? So I did a little digging…..

Kim Kardashian wedding dress I am all over Australian Bridal designers at the moment because they hit the mark between elegant and sexy. So of course Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress looked a little ‘hmm’. It reminded me of a previously designed Steven Khalil wedding dress. I’m not going to accuse any one of stealing but…….(clears throat). My verdict of personal choice? Steven Khalil, as his original version only shows skin at the back. Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy wedding dress featured mesh inserts at the sides and I don’t like cutout styles on brides. The upside is that we know the Steven Khalil version is much more likely to be affordable!

What are your thoughts? Good job to both of them or catfight?

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