Permed to Natural: Part 1

July 27, 2012

This is a bit a of an unusual blogging post…but it’s ok because difference is good! Questions about my hair are brought up all the time through comments and private messages. The time has come for me to give  you all some snippets of information!

I will make every effort to explain everything as clearly as possible. I appreciate that we aren’t all clued up on black hair(just like I’m not massively clued up on caucasian hair). I believe political correctness can be overplayed, sometimes I think you need to call a spade a spade!

Picture 1: ‘The Permed Phase’

In the first picture, my hair is permed(chemically straightened). My hair was permed the summer before I started secondary school. This was carried out under the illusion that it would make my hair more manageable, and without great background knowledge. The truth is my permed ‘sraight’ hair only lasted for two days and after being permed I always had to pay extra so they could hot comb( a hair straightener that looks like a comb) afterwards anyway! My hair is super stubborn.

My Opinion on Permed Hair:

There is nothing wrong with the decision to perm your hair, it’s your choice. My only problem is the reason it was first created.

Black perms were created in a time where anything ‘black’ was frowned upon and anything European/Western in nature was seen as better. Unfortunately it was believed that straighter was better, having similarities to most caucasian appearances and hair types.

The truth is beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. Somewhere along the line  our society has created a hierarchy.

It’s the same sad reason, that so many black people use bleaching creams to lighten their skin. Shocking?…I know!

I believe any style should be worn proudly, it’s human to have insecurities…we just have to attempt to deal with them! hee hee…

The journey to freedom entails learning to love yourself for who you really are. How do you go about doing that….by seeing and embracing yourself in your natural God given state….cue the big chop! BAM!

In what ways have you learned to love yourself ? I would love to know…

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