Planning the Studio-Chi Wedding #1

August 27, 2016

Why hello faithful readers! Over the next week or two I am going to be writing about the process planning our wedding!

I remember my sister turning to me just before we got engaged and saying to me ‘a wedding bloggers wedding…..this is going to be interesting’.

I laughed because she was completely right. My Husband (then fiance) and I knew we were going to get married after a very planned courtship. We decided our main objectives to the wedding were……

  1. God . We are both Christians and we wanted our wedding to unapologetically celebrate our faith. In the same way a humanist wedding would be bold and not take place in a church or an atheist wedding would make no religious references. We wanted to make our faith and its place in our relationship clear.
  2. Fun but Intimate & Laidback Atmosphere. I’d like to think we are pretty fun people and we love to laugh and joke. We were looking to expect including evening guests approx 600 people. But we wanted it have personal touches that made it feel smaller.
  3. Vintage Style and Decadent Details. I was born in the wrong decade. I should have been born in the 20’s or the 70’s for that matter. The body con dresses and contour fabulosity is lost on me. Me and tori decided I should take the lead on styling the wedding, because I only write a wedding blog after all ha! But more on that later…..
  4. Great Food. Tobi (My husband) is the son of the best Nigerian caterer I know and he loves food while I spend most of my time playing with it. Food is a big deal in our Nigerian culture. So the expectation was high. In the same way there was an anticipation of a beautiful wedding because I write about weddings, there was anticipation about great food because his families association with it. No pressure then!
  5. Great Music. Me and Tobi love music and love to dance. We wanted people to get up and move!

The very first thing I did, which is what I do for all my brides. I distilled my thoughts and put them down and onto a mood board that would serve as the blueprint for all my vendors. It would give everyone involved an idea of the feel we wanted to achieve.



In the bottom left  hand corner you can see the wedding logo I designed for our big day. In terms of colour I am usually very opposed to one colour with white themes. I like a variety of harmonious colours as I feel it gives decor more character. Gold was the metallic of choice with elegant vintage and crystal details!

There was a meaning for every colour we used. Pink is romantic, purple is the historical and Biblical colour for royalty and blue is Tobi’s favourite colour.

Until the next post you can catch me on Instagram sharing wedding inspiration @studiochiweddings. See you soonx

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