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October 20, 2014


 Happy Monday everyone! It’s a new week full of surprises. We have our very first real wedding feature on the blog and I am typing this with so much excitement. A big shout out to award winning Timi of BridgeWeddings Photography for sending me these incredible images of Seun & Hannah’s big day.  It is super rare to find a photographer who is approachable, humble AND super talented. Seriously check out BridgeWeddings Photography brides and grooms! Your photographer really needs to be someone you can trust to capture the best moments of your day whilst making you feel comfortable.

Seun and Hannah are one very attractive couple( I promise no baby jokes hee hee). I love their take on a Nigerian wedding. There will be no spoilers, but her daring lip colour and the grooms unique suit colour? Talk about a trendsetting duo! The vintage touches in their outfits make them an elegant and dapper match. I wish them much happiness and joy in their new journey together.

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 How we met:

“It is true that many believers would agree that God was involved in the joining together of themself and their spouse but nothing is more true and evident than that in our meeting.

One of those meetings that when later discussed, candidly points to the handy work of the Only Wise God.

We met in church. Yes, I know, it doesn’t sound very unique. But what made it both unique and special for the both of us (individually) was that we instantly knew we were going to get married! We both had a ‘God moment’ of …. I think this is my wife/husband…(and this was before we had even spoken lol)

One day Hannah introduced herself to me (being the new guy to the church) and I was all the more convinced that she was ‘the One’. As time progressed we spoke in the corridor at church and once in a while between the pews, but never on the phone- I determined not to ask for her number as I didn’t want to be the catalyst for anything. Previous experiences had taught me that God was fully capable and didn’t need my help; so I backed off! Obviously Hannah, being an astute female knew deep down that I was interested but done a good job of not allowing it to influence her behaviour (nor did she give me any inclination as to how she felt).”

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“After about 6-9 months of casual chat and random church corridor fellowships, I travelled overseas and couldn’t get her out of my mind which lead me to spend ample time praying about her. Eventually whilst praying I felt a peace that it was a done deal!

On my return I was excited about how things would unfold but to my horrific discovery, Hannah had ‘switched off!’ She seemed a bit cold, brash and uninterested to say the very least. This went on for a while and I periodically would ask her ‘if or how I had offended her, to which she would reply ‘no you haven’t, I’ve just been busy…’

I wasn’t buying it so I let it go for a while but after a few months it was still bugging me so I decided to do something about it and thrash this thing out once and for all… Afteral I ‘knew’ She was my wife, although I began to think I may have made a mistake. So one day, we agreed to meet up. On meeting up, we spoke about any and everything and eventually got around to the big topic… I explained my motive for meeting which was to inform her of how I felt about her and to ask her to prayerfully consider being Mrs Oyedele to which she agreed that she would go away and pray about.

2weeks later, she asked if we could meet… We met, we spoke… And now we are Married! Glory to God!

A word of encouragement to all those hoping, praying and even searching for a life partner…

Wait on God! His timing is perfect and breeds no regrets!”

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“My favourite thing about Seun is his warm and gentle nature. He is a man of peace that exudes patience and thoughtfulness in every situation.

‎My favourite thing about Hannah is her loving, caring and genuine nature- she soothes when she speaks and can always calm me when I need reigning in.”

(They are so sweet….ok enough of me…)

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Church Venue: All Nations Centre,The Apostolic Church, Kennington.

Reception Venue: The Decorium, Wood Green.

Photography: BridgeWedding Photography by Timi of BridgeGap Media

BridgeGap Media on Facebook and Instagram

Make-Up: Imelda Ladebo of Beauty Boudoir

You can find her on Twitter and Instagram


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