Save The Date Postcard

May 4, 2017

Disclaimer. I cannot stand cheesiness. But I love, love. All of it, in all of it’s glorious intoxicating deliciousness.  I love love and I love being in love. My Husband is the hottest man I have ever seen and God don’t make ugly so I am not half bad. I am more a design/ concept heavy creative,  I didn’t really want our faces all over our save the dates . In fact, I am generally not fond of that Nigerian tradition of splashing peoples faces over everything wedding favour related like we are all royalty. Though there are cute exceptions to the rule and I prefer to be simply royalty in Christ (smile). `

Due to my pickiness and complete nit-picking it took forever and a day for me to settle on a design. Of course according to my Fiancee everything I did was ‘perfect’ and I would point out exactly why it wasn’t. Being with a perfectionist is hard work! Sometimes I feel sorry for the guy, ha! Even though I was designing my own save the dates, I was picky with myself beyond belief. They set the tone for the whole wedding, I knew what I wanted them to be. A little unexpected but chic. With room  for a personalised note if necessary.

I knew they had to incorporate our favourite Bible verse the hand calligraphy was done by myself as were all the drawings.


Captured by James Green

Advantage of a Postcard Save the date:

  1. Saved the cost of envelopes!
  2. Easy to write.
  3. Traditional novelty. People don’t really send letters and postcards anymore. I miss that.
  4. Unexpected but chic and memorable.
  5. Cost effective.

So there you have it! The postcard save the date is a design I love to do.

If you wish to have me make yours (which would be a smart decision if i do say so myself) contact me via

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