Style| Phase Eight Bridal and High Street Wedding Dresses?

July 30, 2014

There is so much that appears to have already been decided for brides and grooms before they begin to plan thier big day. Let me explain myself. We have these incredible remote satellite devices called phones and laptops at our disposal! We have Pinterest, Instagram and blogs all talking about this beautiful and wonderful world of weddings. We feature the highest standards of couturiers, designers and details. This is great if you have a budget of £40,000 and upwards.  So what happens when you have a budget of £10,000? Or £20,000 and want to invite all of your loved ones without agonising over who to leave out. Louboutin shoes at £500? Piece of cake, but that could cover the cost of 6 bridesmaid dresses if your thrifty!

Nothing good comes cheap, but I’m convinced it can be inexpensive.  Yes, Phase Eight is a high street store in the UK. The idea of a high street bridal dress may put some of you off immediately. We’ve been taught to prefer the exclusive. Who doesn’t want something that no one else has?

But here are four reasons you should take the idea very seriously! Along with 5 dresses by Phase Eight Bridal that might change your mind….

 phase eight wedding dress hermione

‘Hermione’ Wedding Dress(£495)

1. The designs are beautiful with incredible detailing(beaded and lace).

2. It will still be a very special because few brides go for a high street dress!

3. High street diffusion bridal designs are never made in bulk. It tends to be a ‘get it in your size while you can’ kinda situation.

4. They are much less expensive than purchasing a bridal dress from a typical retailer and may avoid you living on toast and beans for your first month of marriage. #justsaying.

5. How high street is Phase Eight? Like really, not very!

phase eight elbertine wedding dress

‘Elbertine’ Wedding Dress (£650)

phase eight mariette wedding dress

‘Mariette’ Wedding Dress (£650)

phase eight elodie wedding dress

‘Elodie’ Wedding Dress £750

phase eight wedding dress esme

‘Esme’ Wedding Dress £350

I can hear some of you saying, but what about the independent wedding industry? Will this take away business from our growing bridal industry? Not too much. For one very simple reason.

There are many brides. Which means many tastes, many sizes and many stories. Have you ever tried shopping from just one store exclusively? Very few people do. High street wedding dresses are going to appeal to brides who are planning a last minute wedding. Note that the majority of independent bridal designers need 2-3 months notice for a custom gown. Hunting a Vera Wang or Pronovias in a size 12 for a quickie elopement?  In the UK? Good luck! Not to talk of those dreaming brides who still need to knock off some zero’s. To be or not to be?

Darling, that is the question. Would you?

Chi x

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