Wedding gift ideas that don’t suck?

March 21, 2017

Its a new era! With the majority of us living alone or with friends and siblings before we get married, we tend to already have those living essentials. To be honest the trusty classic Le Creuset casserole dish and frying pan we can trust to be purchased by those traditional aunts and uncles of ours. Even if we don’t have the essentials already, we know that most will give us the gifts that will turn our marital houses into homes.

So here’s to the cool couple you know. Who already have everything or will get everything. Let’s stop giving gifts that people will politely keep…….in the storage cupboard. Let’s start being cool again. Let’s stop giving gifts that will be brought out of the archive every time we visit. Here are some gift ideas that do not suck!

1.Articulate: Drumond Park Articulate! Game here

This fast talking description game is just so fun.


2. Umbra Prism Photoframes here 

Contemporary, quirky and cool. I’d fill my own house with with these in gold if no one stopped me. Don’t be fooled by competitor knock offs. The original brand Umbra’s quality and finesse is unparalled. If you looking for softer pastel hues, check out Oliver Bonas.


3. Gold Alphabet Letters : Oliver Bonas £10 each

Because, they are just cool and cute. Here!


4. Metallic Personalised Favourite Song Sound Wave Print by HOUSE OF YVE

Know their favourite song or some of the music they’ll be using in their wedding? Get it beautifully crafted by one of the below artisans.

Metallic Song Lyrics Or Poem Print by HOUSE OF YVE

Personalised Couple’s Lyric Framed Songbook by SARAH & BENDRIX

5. Mr And Mrs Wedding Day Heart Bed Blanket by BABY YORKE DESIGNS


6. Personalised Marble Wine Cooler by MARBLETREE

This is just tres chic.

7. Golden Cup Tea Light Holder by THE FOREST & CO
For that couple that loves to entertain. on a dining table filled with friends and laughter. perfect atmospheric piece.
8. Theatre Tokens available here
 A night out at the theatre or cinema tickets. Perfect date night gift.
9. GoApe vouchers
For the adventurous couple. A tree swinging, okay not quite swinging but it does look it it? Anyway they are  £90 for two. Bargain I reckon, and you’ll be the great fun loving friend that bought it for them. Win! With 61 locations across the UK their bound to be close to one. Recently visited a friend and happened to walk by one on the way to her house. They are a lot closer and more convienient than you think.
10. Mr & Mrs Smith Wedding Vouchers
Life get busy  and every married couple just needs to get a room sometimes. Have a couple of hours of good heated fun(wink), sharing and a break from the noise. I am particularly interested in the UK boutique hotels featured on the site. Vouchers purchased from this site would be a great weekend getaway or summer staycation. The price points of their abroad hotels are competitive for their exclusivity and the design factor.
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