5 Things| Wedding Guest Etiquette Gone Mad

May 13, 2015

It’s funny how some people choose your wedding day to prove that they shouldn’t have been around previously. I just don’t get it! There is always that girl or a guy who is the subject of comments on the big day. Let’s be real about this, we notice them. Why? Because a wedding is a celebration of two people, not the crazy guests who took the free food and are unaware of common manners.

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1. Ostentatiously dressed guests.

Ladies, I’m all about looking correct. I take great care to ensure I am looking presentable. I represent Heaven (yes!) and spend a lot of my time with a very fine looking gentleman.I cannot afford to be looking like his friend ha! However, some people are just taking the biscuit. Why would you wear a dress with a long train to a wedding where your name is not on the invitation. Are you the devil? Why would you desire to steal somebody else’s tree and turn it’s apples into your own? It does not matter how simple the bride is, you will get your own day. Wearing white to another girls wedding? Are you trying to get yourself spiritually slapped by a questionable future? How could you be so cruel? Dream of your own day but for goodness sake don’t steal someone else’s. It’s pathetic.

To all the girls coming in ball gowns? Lets’ get one thing straight. There is only one Princess at a wedding and it’s not you. I’m really not trying to be too harsh here, but some ladies are actually allowing selfishness to ride. Your dress can be form fitting, long or reasonably shorter. But if it could pass as a bridal dress in white, please abandon it. If you have any conscience at all, don’t do it to a fellow sister. There is such a thing as ‘too much fleek’.

2. Controversial opinions.

When your not paying for anything, and when no one has asked you. Is it necessary to share your opinion? Probably not. One of the main issues that get raised by brides and a lot of grooms is their annoyance with everyone thinking their opinion on conducting a wedding/ reception is right. People will be telling you to have a certain type of food. People will be recommending every friend who has a business and get upset if you don’t go with their choice. The truth is that too many cooks don’t just spoil the broth. They burn the pot, dismantle the stove and render the kitchen a food standards investigation. There are very few opinions that truly matter in a wedding planning scenario. Eventually every tired and frustrated couple will soon accept this fact . Then you will be the goat they are avoiding.

3. Bad habits & Absent Manners.

I find it incredible that a lot of people will pick the prepartion of their friends wedding to show off their lack of common sense. Saying utter silliness like ‘well done on punching above your weight’, ouch! Or  worse ‘Wouldn’t that dress make you look fatter’. Then there’s  bridesmaids gone wild. However, that could be an entirely different blogpost. It’s always obvious who was taught table manners. The annoying guest at the table who is a nit-picker on the table and the guy in the corner who just won’t let anyone else win a pleasant debate. Then there is the social rebel on her phone whilst everyone else is attempting polite conversation. In a small wedding these bad traits are so obvious. Please remember that the other guests will inform the bride and groom of your shambolic behaviour, so be smart. On another note, there is always one couple who find it necessary to display their horniness and grind on the dance floor. No one will invite you to their anniversary because nobody wants to conduct pre mature sex education for all the kids at their event.

4. Cheapskates & Absent Car Boots

That whole gifting philosophy ‘it’s the thought that counts’? Yes, that’s true, but only if the thought is great in the first place. A bad wedding gift is misplaced currency. If you’ve recently just got married and start re-gifting your rejects to other brides and grooms. They will work it out and think that you are tight and cheap. I am extremely traditional with it comes to gift giving and there are many ways to do it. Whether you take out the couple for dinner after the big day or stuff some cash in a card( my partner’s favourite). You have to do something! It’s kind of like someone inviting you to see them journey off into the Himalayas for the journey of a lifetime. Then you turn around to the person next to you and say, ‘I didn’t realise we were supposed to donate supplies’. It’s the decent and friendly thing to do. No excuses guys, you get an invite? You know the couple? You get a gift, end off.

5. Bitter Syndrome

It is really obvious to see when a person is not happy for another. Whether your the ex, or wanted to get married first. Maybe the ugly duckling of the group has announced her engagement and you can’t even get your dead beat boyfriend to commit to signing a card together. Regardless of your unfortunate circumstances or ungrateful outlook, learn to be happy for another persons happiness.

I have an interesting principle when it comes to money. It doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the creator and everyone else He created. This principle has completely changed my outlook on where I direct my efforts. I have worked out my money stretches so much further when I spend it on others. The more I gift, the more I have. The more you celebrate other people, the more you will have to celebrate in the future. Happiness is that simple. Don’t waste your heart being bitter. Oh and also, ugly feelings can never be hidden. They always surface in an unfortunate comment. Then you will definitely not be invited to the anniversary, or the baby showers,or anything at all really. Simply put, get over it.

Chi x

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