Wedding Make-Up…easy as 1.2……3?

August 20, 2012

Photography by the legendary Rylee Hitchner via Style Me Pretty

Recently, I had a bad time with a very nice make-up artist (contrast I know). I can only sum up my experience in bullet points…because really….

1.She was using sub-standard products and thinking she could fool me into thinking they were top-quality(all of which my mum owned, by the exact same brand when I was little, though I let her chat away).

2. She was incredibly lucky that the group she was working with, was a bunch of naturally flawless girls.Otherwise she might have been in a spot of trouble. I not being quite as lucky(dark circles anyone?), had to  sneak off and adjust mine.

3. The products in my make-up bag were of a higher quality. Now that’s saying something as half the time I don’t know what I’m doing…

4. She didn’t have a clue about black make-up which I think is excusable in non-multicultural areas…but makes it hard for me to trust you a.k.a I won’t.

All of these things got me thinking. I can’t count the amount of wedding make-up horror stories I’ve heard. We all know a girl whose face looked like an orange, or the girl who looked pasty in every single picture. Then there is the worst, the girl who got the friend or friend of a friend to do it…and looked like she paid for nothing at all…..literally.

Make-up either enhances or masks the beautiful you from shining on your big day. Fortunately for my group of girls it all turned out fine, but what if it went wrong? What if I hadn’t brought my make-up bag and ASSUMED she would have a lipgloss that suited me, or even an eye-liner(she tried to use brown eye-liner on me…then wondered why it didn’t work….hmmmm).

Tips and Tricks

PS: I’m loving the Chanel lipstick design at the mo!…random…

Image via Aiveet

1. Ask to see a portfolio!….PICTURES, ANYTHING? Would you buy a piece of furniture without seeing it first? Didn’t think so.

2. Make sure you and your make-up artist are on the same page. If you are going for a natural look make sure your hired aid’s ambition is not to make every client look like barbies latest playmate. If you want a dramatic look, make sure their skills are top-notch…its the difference between art and a hot mess…

3. Recommendations/testimonials are important. If you can, make sure you see one! Someone with great character as well as ability. Having an argument with a make-up artist on your wedding day? Not cool…

4. Do a trial run. This is your opportunity to let him/her know what you like and what don’t. It also gives you the opportunity to create your dream look, without the time preasure. If you have acne, allergies or sensitive skin, you need to try out EVERY SINGLE product before your big day. The only tears shed on your special day should be one’s of happiness.

5. If you are having bridesmaids of different ethnicities…please do your homework…they will appreciate it, and so will their faces.

6. Cultural Wedding. For Asian Brides/African Brides having traditional ceremonies: You may be required/want to change outfits on your big day. You need a make-up artist who is willing to stick around. The kind of make-up that will suit the white dress, will rarely compliment your second or even third change. Experienced make-up artists who deal with women of colour will probably have had to do this at least once. Pay them accordingly and they won’t complain.

7. Pay attention to hygiene whilst doing your make-up on the day….you don’t want to wake up with unexpected cold-sores or conjunctivitis. Your newly wedded other half will be grateful.

7. Buy them some chocolates when they are done….it’s nice to be nice.

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