21 things I learn’t at 21

August 12, 2012

YAY was recently my  birthday…I’m now 22! This is strange…I must lie down but before I do I thought I’d share with all my lovely readers. Some of the things I have learn’t realised, found wierd or just felt like typing right now!

1. There is no such thing as can’t in God’s dictionary….when we are unable to help ourselves, He gives others the tools to help us. Ever wondered why there are so many charities in our wonderful little World?…right….

2. Tight bottoms=loose top…loose bottoms=tight top / Chest out=legs away….legs out=chest way (it’s how we stay elegant!)

3. I look great just the way I am. Without extensions, make-up and other cool extras. Anyone who doesn’t get that isn’t worth my time, attention or any of my cake.

4. I will never understand creepers, they look good on some people…but something about them doesn’t do it for me.


5. Loose leaf tea from a teapot is 10x better than tea from a bag in a mug, but I don’t know why!

6. Buying classic slightly more expensive pieces is much better than buying 5 cheapy ones that last two washes.

7. Trycheck items before you buy, why buy the wrong size and have to go ALL the way back?.

8. Believe the hype…Bio-Oil really is great.

9.Natural products are better, even when the intense chemically filled alternative is made by the same skin care company.

10. Apparently the fact that I havn’t watched The God-Father yet is a crime…will correct that this year.

11. Being in your own company is under-rated.

12. The sound of rain is incredible (I’ve always know that, just thought I’d tell you)

13.I’ve never been one of those girls with loads of crazy boy crushes…and it’s ok…

14. The Tv Programme ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is absolutely hilarious.

15. Creating this blog is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I love writing about things that interest me and hearing what you guys think! Thanks for reading by the way, and finding my ramblings interesting….hopefully…

16. Watching two people you know fall in love is one of the most incredible things in the world.

17. Facial wipes and my face will never get along…don’t know why I even try…

18. A man who knows what a great suit looks like is a treasure. Gone are the days of black/grey ill fitting suits, it’s in with the tailoring, edgy boutannaires, tweed, tux’s and bow-ties…..with a hot watch, i’m finished….paint a pretty picture don’t I! (thanks creative writing degree)

19. I laugh at my own jokes…I think this is okay.

20. When it comes to friends, quality over quantity!

21. All the good TV programmes are on during the winter…there is NOTHING on TV during the summer. I get why, but still!

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