Nigerian Bridal Jewellery: Beads By Oma

April 3, 2014

If you think you know weddings, you just don’t. Not until you have experienced a Nigerian wedding. Of course as a Nigerian I am completely biased. The standards at a Nigerian wedding are slightly different from the norm. On average a Nigerian bride will change outfits a whopping 3 times on her wedding day.

Outfit 1: White Bridal Dress

Outfit 2: Nigerian Traditional Dress (The style depends on what tribe she belongs to or is marrying into.) Which requires the style of jewellery we like to call Nigerian Bridal Jewellery.

Outfit 3: Party Dress( A modern evening dress she can actually dance in)

I was super excited when I came across Beads by Oma. I always see jewellery sets for Nigerian Brides in photo’s but have no vendor knowledge. After asking around I found out that neither do most people!

Beads by Oma ship worldwide and the reviews are excellent. Their brides speak for themselves….

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Nigerian bridal jewellry beads by oma

I am embarrassed to say that half the time writing this post was spent looking up different ways to spell jewellery. Here’s to ‘Beads by Oma’ for creating masterpieces in less time…

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Hi Oma,

I would like to have more information about your jewelry to buy.

Could you please contact me back.

Thanks in advance

Hi There,

You need to contact beads by oma. I only blogged about their jewellery.

Kind Regards,

Where can I buy it please?

Hi there! you can purchase this through bead by oma!

How do I get your contact?

hello there! please contact oma beads!

First I would like to say thank to share the culture of Nigerian wedding I think you are right being a Indian I have been In many Indian wedding but no Indian bridal change that much cloths while wedding .your blog is enhance my knowledge and clean up the myth that only Indian wedding are more cultural .

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