Sunday Best: Black and Sequinned Gold

September 10, 2012



I was having one of those Sunday’s when I had to frantically rack my ‘wardrobe’ brain. I usually find my  nicest outfits with the least thought… it’s when I try that it gets a little frustrating. After 5 minutes of ‘no, no, that’s gonna need ironing…MISS!’, I finally found something.

Skirt: Monsoon/Camisole:(lasts for YEARS) Marks and Spencer’s/Bolero: Debenhams/Belt: Next/Bangle: Que Craft on Etsy/ Earrings: Stall at Deptford Market

This embroidered bolero sums up my taste so well. A vintage edge, with a bit of glam and a playful edge. It was a gift from a dear friend, I don’t think she knows that I teared up slightly when she gave it to me. Now you do.


That’s such a pretty bolero! The rest of the outfit is perfect with it, too, and your hair rocks. I wish I was taller than 4’11 so I could look good in something with these proportions.

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