Wedding Photo Ideas

July 23, 2014

Why hello! Where are you, I hear you say? Alive and well and blogging right now ;-)

I am so glad we are all made differently, and every couple loves uniquely. Your wedding photography is a great way to show off what makes you special and savour the moment! For all of you lovely brides and grooms who are wondering what to do apart from just smiling away. Wedding photo ideas?…here comes some inspiration!

1.  Balloons
wedding balloons amanda wilcher photography
Photography by Amanda Wilcher
2. Signage
 wedding photo prop orange girl photography
Photography by Orange Girl Photography
3. Pets
Photography by Christina Mcneill Photography
4. Fun Backdrops 
Photography by ?(If this is you let me know so I can credit you!)
wedding backdrop ideas 
 Tassel background by Studio Mucci
wedding bouquet chevron wedding ideas
Photography by (J. Anne Photography) via Style Me Pretty
5. Glitter
glitter wedding photo prop
Photography by Dana Grant Photography
6. Ring Bearer Plate
Ring bearer plate
Ring Bearer Ring Dish by OrlyDesign
7. Rings
adebayo deru photography
 Photography by Adebayo Deru
9. Frames
wedding photo ideas framese
Photography by Renaissance Studios Photography
10. Sweet Treats
Photography by {Be Love} Renee Bell Photography
11. Involving God
(As a Christian I believe God makes marriage beautiful! Anything that reminds you of him on the biggest day of your life is wonderful.) 
Wedding Photography by Petruzzo Photography
12. Personalised Buntings
Bride and groom holding bunting
Photography by Lukas & Suzy VanDyke Photography
13. Super Hero Bride and Groom
super hero bride and groom
 Photography by Hoffer Photography 
14. Bubbles
Photography by Leah LaRiccia Photography
15. Funky Footwear
personalised wedding shoes
Photography by ? If you are the photographer, let me know so I can credit you!
Photography by ? If you are the photographer, let me know so I can credit you!
16.  Umbrella’s
wedding lace vintage parasol
Parasols by ChoCoB
 Photography by Tom Hall Photography
17. Candles and Sparklers
Photography by ? If you are the photographer, let me know so I can credit you!
18. Your Veil
wedding day veil t.phillips photography
 Photography by T. Philips
19. Reading each others Love Letters
bride and groom read love letters
 Photography by Spindle Photography
20. Sharing a Drink Together
bride groom mason jar
Photography by Our Labor of Love
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