5 Things Wednesday: Bridesmaid Tips

October 1, 2014

I’m not promising to be an expert on this AT ALL! Apart from consulting from weddings I have been a bridesmaid 3 times and maid of honour once. Seeing as I still have many close friends yet to marry and siblings, these will not be the last! And have I learn’t lessons….hee hee!  Unless they all start hating me….Sorry to my sister by the way. It was me to took the last slice(shame face). So, here are some bridesmaid tips. Very applicable for groomsmen too!

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 1. Do not promise to be someone’s bridesmaid/groom and simply turn up on the day looking pretty. Being a bridesmaid is an honour. A bride asking you to be in her train means she deems you worthy of being in her closest circle in the run up of her impending marriage. you represent her. Understanding that you are there for her will change the way you approach everything concerning the wedding.

2. Utilise your skills to help the bride. Can you organise, can you draw, are you handy with DIY? How can you use your gifts to make your Bride’s life easier? And maybe even save the couple some money?

3. Remember, it isn’t YOUR day! I see way too many picky bridesmaids these days. I’m sorry love.But did you bump your head and forget that your not the queen of the day? That actually you are there to ensure the couple portray the best of THEIR tastes? This is not licence for wicked brides to put dull down pretty girls in ugly dresses. But it is an allowance for tasteful couples to endorse how their day should look like!

If you are city chic bride with boho friends, tough luck hippies you are wearing pearls.If you are a fashionista bridesmaid with a small village nautical loving bride. Know and accept that your all in rope belts, blue and red. if you are a groomsman who would not be caught dead without your velvet suit jacket and loafers, and your groom wants tail coats and top hats. My man, bow down.

4. Be honest with your bride. If she’s turning bridezilla and everyones planning a Hunger Games style revolt with negative vibes, you might want to tell her before arrows go flying. Communicate with her maid of honour. It may seem harsh but tell her that lipstick that make up artist finally wants to use, is not your friends colour. Or any brides colour for that matter. Do not allow your friend to become a meme and gist repost on Instagram.

Tell her having 2 food stations at a wedding for 600 is not a smart idea. Tell her to remember her future husband comes first and create a diversion to keep her away from that crazy chatty uncle who wants to steal all of her dancing time at the reception.

5. Make planning the wedding fun for the Bride or the Groom. The only problem with having a good friend getting married is that suddenly everything revolves around the wedding. And when things get a little rocky, you need to remind them why they are getting married and that they are still your friend. Hang out, catch a film, whatsapp funny pictures. Preventing a runaway groom or a nervous breakdown is only a joke away…..#justsaying.

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