Bridal Beauty|Black Natural Hair Bride (Senegalese Twist Braids)

October 3, 2014

The idea that having natural hair was a trend never really sat well with me. Simply because it shouldn’t have to be a trend in order to be accepted. I have heard so many future brides debating about hairstyles and being swayed away from natural styles by friends and family. Why? Here are the reasons I’ve heard.

1. ‘It’s not fancy enough’. Yes, because wearing a weave with a completely different hair type from a completely foreign continent from yours is fancier. Fancier, better looking, best. Interesting deduction…

2. ‘It’s not bridal ?‘Yes, as black brides we are a minority in the statistics. Yes, I could dare you to open 5 wedding magazines and find pictures of 5 black brides. It isn’t going to happen. More so one with black natural hair bride. But should we allow this to affect our idea of what a bride should look like? Whether you want locks, or waves, Peruvian or Brazilian, styled well? It’s all ok!

But here’s the thing…..natural hair is no longer just a ‘phase’.

It has become a movement. There are many more brides opting for styles with or without extensions/clip ins that mimic their natural hair. The problem is that I can’t find any pictures of them to inspire future naturalistas!

Black natural hair bride



Via Make Up artist ‘Juicy Looks’ on Instagram: @juicylooks_mua

Can we take a moment to just appreciate the beauty of this bride! I love that she had a break from tradition with red lipstick! And those lips and eyes! A very sultry bride. Kudo’s to Juicy Looks!

Chi x

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